First Launch

The explosive growth of the M class in the 1930's caused ripples worldwide. At the same time that John Black was designing Cheerio in the Boston area, the noted English designer and editor of Marine Models, W.J. Daniels, tried his hand at the class. The result was the elegant Pocahontas. At 14 and a half pounds she is 8 ounces too light to qualify under the San Francisco Restricted M Class rules; adding this little amount of displacement could be easily done by adding a bit of thickness to her fin. A series of races between Pocahontas and Cheerio replicas could simulate the 1936 World Championship That should have been. (Boebert, E. (2000 Spring/Summer) The Model Yacht, 5, p. 14)

Photos of this boat are hard to find, but with a bit of persistance I have found a few.

  • Dennis and Wendy Lees Albatross. This was found in a copy the the newsletter Albatross from the Cruising Yacht Club of Tasmania
  • Pocahontas by Bob Abell fron Manchester UK. His member profile can be found at